What is this Video Chat Software 2.7 & live cam network by LiveCyberCash Ltd?

(If you need a simple video chat plug-in window that can be pasted into a website, blog or forum that is not a pay per minute solution, click here: Video Chat Plug-In 1.1)

Freeware Video Chat Software 2.7. The complete Video Chat Software Solution & growing live cam network

The total video chat software solution designed for both existing and new video chat website owners, webmasters, performers and studios. Providing a complete, simple and free video chat software solution that enables everyone to profit in the live entertainment, video chat business. The total video chat software solution that provides for cross platform live flash streaming, which means broadcasters and customers can utilize your website on both P.C & Mac's with quality live streaming & high definition capability and crisp, clear audio.

What is included in the Video Chat Software Solution?  How do I develop a live cam network?

A selection of fully customizable video chat website templates that require no special skills or knowledge to tailor and brand to your own look and feel.

A mix and match software solution with simple check box selection of website elements & features. Mix and match pay per view PPV, pay per minute PPM, Premier membership, VIP membership, private video, private photographs, choose your websites background, color or picture, select the text style, size, color, upload a header, top banner, name your broadcasters: performers, girls, models, experts, consultants and many more.

You do not require a merchant account or programming skills and you do not need to be a mathematician to be able to calculate the sums of money to be made.  Video chat software, the simple easy to use, live entertainment broadcasting software solution that creates a live cam network.

The Video Chat Software & live cam network is free, what does free mean?

LiveCyberCash video chat software & live cam network has no fees, zero charges, nil cost for Software Licenses, Hosting, Bandwidth, Payment Processing and Software Updates. You pay nothing for using the video chat software or us hosting your website, you pay nothing for your website and all bandwidth you use.

What you pay for:

Domain Name (No free Domains) – Advertising - Traffic – Recruitment – Chargeback’s /Refunds – Your Performers.

A complete package that enables new and experienced webmasters to add video chat to new and existing websites. Enabling you to make money from operating a live video chat pay per minute business. Develop and make big money from your own live cam network.

This is a business like any other, opening and customizing a website is just the beginning. Traffic, website visitors and customers will not appear on your website like magic, you have to market it. Which means spending money on advertising, recruiting performers /broadcasters, promotional banners, purchasing traffic etc. Do not think that it all happens without any cost or effort. This is why we offer this software for free, so you have money to promote your new video chat website. If you don't promote it how on earth are customers going to find it?

Who are LiveCyberCash?

We are people like you, who in 2003 entered the live video chat industry much as you are now. We searched for an affordable, reliable, pay per minute live video chat webcam solution and over the years, purchased and used a few, all of which turned out to be near disasters. The first being unstable, the second claimed to have it all but turned out to have less than most and the third was just so laden with charges, charges that just seemed to appear from nowhere. So we said enough was enough and so we began to develop the total video chat software solution that included as standard all the software features, functionality and reliability that we had searched for over the years. The result is LiveCyberCash Ltd and our free & complete video chat software solution enabling you to develop your own live cam network.

Why is the Video Chat Software by LiveCyberCash free?

The Video Chat Software is free to enable you to invest your money into your business not ours.

Your money should be invested into your business, generating website visitor /traffic & customers, recruiting webmasters, affiliates, performers & studios. We want you to invest in the promotion of your video chat business not in unnecessary fees like licensing, hosting and bandwidth etc.

I just do not have the time to invest or the skills needed to develop a live cam network.

We even take the burden of customer service from you allowing you to invest your valuable time to the promotion and growth of your video chat business. We have created a company that specializes in providing round the clock customer service for all video chat websites that utilize the LiveCyberCash video chat software and growing live cam network. The company was created to fulfil another facet of past experience & failings of other so called video chat software companies. Live Cam Network Ltd is that company, ready and eager to offer assistance to your webmasters, affiliates, performers, studios and customers on your behalf  24/7/365, just a telephone call or email away. Assistance will be provided instantly by telephone and within a guaranteed 8 hours of email or query receipt. Assistance offered and provided to your users with grace, courtesy and professionalism by Live Cam Network Ltd.

If you are genuinely interested in owning & operating a video chat website business then register now. We need hard working people focused on making this opportunity a success, we need winners, so winners purchase your Domain, register as a Webmaster and Studio and begin the customization of your own custom video chat website business powered by LiveCyberCash video chat software.

LiveCyberCash will be successful only when you are successful. If you are not committed to making money, do not register or use this Video Chat Software or build a live cam network.